Lightfoot Halfling Criminal


Lightfoot Halfling Monk 5 / Rogue 4

STR: 12
DEX: 20
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 14
CHA: 9

HP: 58 (8 + (7 × 4) + (9 x CON 2))
AC: 17 (10 + DEX 5 + WIS 2)
Ki: 5

Age: 110?
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Size: Small
Speed: 35 ft (7 sq)
Languages: Common, Halfling


Halfling Nimbleness: You can move through any larger creature’s space.
Naturally stealthy: You can attempt to hide when obscured only by a creature 1 size larger.
Unarmored Defense: Add your WIS bonus to AC when not wearing armor.
Brave: You have Advantage on saves vs. Fear
Criminal Network: You’re able to get messages to / from great distances via the network.
Thieves Cant: Knowledge of language that can convey information secretly to others who know it (verbal and written).
Slow Fall: As a reaction, reduce falling damage by Monk Level * 5.
Cunning Action: As a bonus action, Dash, Disengage or Hide.
Assassinate: Advantage on Attack Rolls against any creature that hasn’t taken a turn in the combat yet and any hit scored against a creature that is surprised is Critical [Note: Crits also double sneak attack & poison damage]

Lucky: You can re-roll any natural 1 on Attack, Ability Check, or Saving Throw.

Martial Arts: After taking an Attack action, you can make 2 unarmed attacks as a bonus action (1d6).
Extra Attack: May now make 2 normal weapon attacks on a single Attack action.
Sneak Attack: One hit per round does additional 2d6 damage.
Flurry of Blows: After taking an Attack Action, you can spend 1 Ki to make 2 unarmed strikes as bonus action.
- Open Hand Technique
- On successful hit with flurry of blows, impose an effect:
-— (1) It must succeed on a Dexterity save, or be knocked prone,
-— (2) it must succeed on a Strength save, or be pushed 15 feet, or
-— (3) it may not take reactions until the end of my next turn.
Patient Defense: Spend 1 Ki to Dodge as a bonus action.
Step of the Wind: Spend 1 Ki to Disengage or Dash as a bonus action, and your Jump distance is doubled.
Stunning Strike: Spend 1 Ki to force opponent to make a CON save. If they fail, they are stunned ‘til end of my next turn.
Deflect Missiles: Use your reaction to catch/deflect a missile, reducing it’s damage by 1d10 + DEX mod + Monk Level; spend 1 Ki to hurl it back if it’s damage is reduced to 0.


Weapons: Simple, and shortswords
Armor: None
Saving Throws: Strength, Dexterity
Skills: Investigate [expertise], Acrobatics, Deception, Stealth
Tools: Thieves Tools [expertise], Bazelsticks (Game), Disguise Kit, Poisoners Kit


15 gp,
Thieves tools,
Short sword,
Dagger +1,
Dark clothes with a hood,
Dungeoneering Pack,
10 Darts – These are 9 inch flat steel spikes. Tolo has blackened them by immersion in vinegar. If she has occasion to use them, the only gleam you might see before death is the thin line of the finely honed edge at each end.,
Magic Whistle: When used, no sound is made immediately, but rather occurs 10 seconds later in the spot where the whistle was when it was blown.,
Periapt of Health: Amulet. Grants immunity to disease.
Cloak of Elvenkind: While the hood is up, grants advantage when attempting to Hide, and disadvantage to Perception checks of others.


Bond: Redemption: Tolo violated her own code, debased her own highest ideals, and is honor bound to atone for this great failure.
Ideal: Freedom: Bondage and servitude, divine right of Kings, social mores… Tolo rejects all of these.
Flaw: No fun: Tolo’s obsession with adhering to her code, and her desperate quest for redemption, make her a bit too rigid and serious to make many friends.
Trait: Always has a plan: Not the smartest, nor the strongest, Tolo always has a plan, and a backup plan, and a backup to the backup plan. And should all the rest fail, an escape plan.


Background, Criminal; Criminal Specialty : Hired Killer

Tolo isn’t really named Tolo. She’s withdrawn, wears black clothes of rough material in several complex layers with no visible ornamentation. On the old side, over 100, but not yet elderly, all wiry muscle and wrinkles, she’s the least colorful and happy-go-lucky halfling anyone’s probably ever seen outside of a gulag.

Once she was Ree, who married young, raised several children, and never wielded anything more than a cleaver against anything more than a chicken until well into her 60’s. She wasn’t anyone particularly special, neither particularly happy nor disgruntled, and at middle age was looking forward to a bit of travel with her husband and otherwise a fairly quiet decline into old age.

As it does all too often, war came. Her family was divided and scattered, enslaved or interred, and with only one exception she’s never been able to be certain of the whereabouts or condition of her parents, husband, children or grandchildren. Her mother, her mentor, she knows, never made it into the slave camps, having died more or less of shock during the sack of their village, collapsing in front of the burning fields of wheat beyond.

In the camps, she was initially despairing, and came close to just letting the guards beat her to death on more than one occasion. Ultimately, she went just a little bit crazy, as so many do, but she managed to tune her crazy to the place in which she’d landed, building networks, establishing a bit of a black market, turning the guards that could be turned and arranging accidents for those who couldn’t, or whose cruelty went too far. By her 90’s, she’d more or less taken charge of the criminal network in her area, and built it into a formidable empire she called the Burnt Stalk. But she had taken it as far as she could from inside a work camp, so she “left”. Above all, she still hopes to find whatever shreds of her family might be left, but to do so, she’ll need to expand her network, to gain money and power to forge the necessary alliances and accesses. And eventually she plans to put down the Slavers, Overlords, and Tyrants… ideally all of them, everywhere.


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